India improves position on Global Peace Index 2018, but still among the bottom 30

India secures 137th position on Global Peace Index 2018
India secures 137th position on Global Peace Index 2018

Good news for India as it has moved four positions up to 137 from 141 on the Global Peace Index 2018 among 163 countries in the world. The reduction in the crime level in the country owing to the recent law enforcement has led to this ranking of India.

The top five most peaceful countries in the world start with Iceland followed by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark. The least peaceful countries are Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and South Sudan, predominantly the Saudi Arabian countries.

Amid the prevalent social and political unrest in India, the world spends a huge amount of resources on trying to reduce the violence to bring peace in the world. Over the last few years, some regions have shown the potential of developing the most dangerous weapons in the world due to the instability and continuous stress with the neighbouring countries. These places include India, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and South Korea.

The maximum number of deaths in the world have been reported from Syria followed by Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen.


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