Nap pods are being introduced at airports soon

Nap pods are being introduced to airports soon
Nap pods are being introduced to airports soon

The days when passengers on long flights or long halts at airports have to rest or sleep on chairs with armrests are coming to end.

The airports in Europe are set to introduce nap pods late this year for the commercial test with a Wi-Fi and Netflix facilities for travellers to relax during their halt.

Inside these pods, one can find a reclining chair that converts into a bed if you wish to sleep. They have space enough for just one person at a time.

Other facilities in the pods include charging stations, Wi-Fi and space for passengers to store their luggage. Air purifiers are placed in the pods for fresh air and TV screens with Netflix are available for the ones who wish to relax and watch their favourite movies or series.

There is also the facility to set an alarm inside the pods if you plan to doze off, to know when your flight is ready to board and take off. The best part about these nap pods is that you can rent them by the hour and this enables other passengers to get their turn as well.

This concept of airpods was started by two Slovenian businessmen and their idea behind launching these was to provide a hassle-free travel experience to fliers on transit.


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