Maiden road trip with your college gang! 10 tips that’ll guarantee a fun holiday

The beginning of college marks the beginning of an entirely new phase of a student’s life. What does the first vacation with your college gang mean to you? What kind of vacation would you want to undertake?


Sounds thrilling! So, as you get set to plan the trip, what all do you think you need? Parent’s permission, a car and a place to go? Here are tips for you and your gang to travel safe and on a budget.

Choose a place with which everyone is comfortable with: Don’t be selfish, talk to each member of your gang. There will be fights but you will surely zero down on that one perfect place.

Create an Itinerary: Before asking for your parent’s permission make sure you have a full proof planned trip at hand. Do not walk in and say “We will decide” – this usually means a cancelled trip. Book your activities in advance.

Set a reasonable budget: Do not give your parents a heart attack please. Set a budget in such a way that you are able to enjoy without shaking your parent’s monthly budget. Be flexible.

Ask for a permission: Do not think about lying. For safety purposes, it is necessary that your parents know exactly where you would be. It is okay to hide a few fun activities though.

Pack necessary items: Do not plan on carrying huge suitcases. A backpack would suffice. Make a list of the necessary travel items and pack only those. However, do not forget to pack a first aid box, pocket knife and duct-tape, just in case.

Travel safe and planned: Make all hotel bookings in advance so that you do not have to sleep on the road. Make wise decisions and do not completely rely on one person for making all the decisions. Read about the places before hand, get familiar with the main streets and public transportation systems.

Save: Try not to spend all the budget money. Go according to the itinerary and save where ever you can for emergency. A flat tire will not give a notice before hand. Keep a portion of your budget aside as emergency money.

Talk to the locals: Don’t fear the local residents, they will not cook you up and eat you. Talk to them and ask them about the public transports and the places you must visit. They will tell you stories that no travel blogger would have written about.

Travel smart: Hitchhiking can be fun and also saves money. While travelling in a group, hitchhiking is safe and helps you save as well.

ENJOY: After stressing out about all the minor details, do not forget to enjoy every second of your trip for it may never happen again. You will cherish a trip with your college buddies for your entire life.


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