Here’s what Tim Cook(ed) in iOS 12

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Cupertino tech giant is all set to release it iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad very soon and rumours are already out as Apple released the first look at iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference.

Reports suggest that Apple’s plans for iOS 12 will make this refresh a bump, not a jump, a fine-tuning that fixes past problems and buffs up the quality of day-to-day use.

Here are the changes we might see:

Digital Health to help curb phone addiction

One feature Apple may highlight is digital health, with the iPhone-maker talking up new tools to help you manage (and cut back on) how much time you spend on your phone Similar to Google’s Android Dashboard, Apple’s Digital Health tools would help combat phone “addiction” and give parents more granular tools to monitor their kids’ phone use.

AR to redefine gaming 

While AR gaming might not take centre stage, Apple might package at least one key update into iOS 12.

ARKit 2.0 could contain a new mode that lets you and your friends play against each other in the same augmented reality world.

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Refined Face ID

Apple’s secure biometric face unlock tool that uses the 3D front-facing camera. A blog out of Japan reveals that Face ID could get support for landscape mode.

More animoji

Like another update, iOS 12 will also bring a bunch of more animated emoji — animoji — and pave the way for both Face ID and animoji for future iPads. Building in software support for Apple’s tablets would hint at future iPads getting a 3D depth-sensing camera like the iPhone X.

Minor tweaks in iOS 12

Minor tweaks could arrive including features to:

Make Siri voice assistant more predictive
Snooze notifications
Monitor the stock market
Place video calls
Share animoji

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