Seven ways to score on Tinder

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Well, in the 21st century, one need not to worry if they are single as technology is here to take care of everything. All you need is to be on the right spot, and for that we are here.

NewsMobile brings you seven necessary steps to get productive results on Tinder:

Profile Picture worth a MILLION words


A profile picture is definitely one of the first things people notice and so you want it to be on point. Your picture should be a window to your personality. For example if you love animals, and it is one trait you definitely want in the other person – make sure your pet makes it to your profile picture along with you.

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Honesty is the best policy


If the picture is a window to your personality/hobbies, your bio is the door you want people swiping on. Make sure you are clear and direct in what you’re looking for and what you’re really passionate about. That’s the only way to make sure somebody who is obsessed with fast food doesn’t approach the fitness freak-you!

Sync your Instagram


Nobody really makes a decision with just your profile picture so, it would be a good idea to also sync your Instagram and help people learn more about you.

Word Play


Don’t get content when your phone exclaims: “It’s a Match!” Make sure you make conversation and a meaningful one at that – that brings you one step closer to getting that Valentine’s date.

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Stay humble and approachable


A definite way to ruin your chances is by boasting about yourself or talking about things you have no idea about just to impress the other person, because you may sound smart with your Google Searches – but lies always catch up.

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Be honest and open


If it’s just a couple of dates and fun that you’re looking for, be clear about it. It’s important for the person to know whether or not you’re in it for the long haul. Wanting the same thing is one common ground the two of you need to cover.

It all boils down to the vibes


Whether online or offline, being a bit cautious never did anyone any harm so why not be vigilant, pay attention to basic safety tips, use discretion in your interactions, and report any suspicious activity. When in doubt, go with your gut feeling. It’s okay to be wary and take your time to warm up / trust someone. On your part, don’t try to get too familiar with someone too soon. The vibes you let off will result in how comfortable a person gets with you.

So, what are you waiting? All the single boys and girls, Start Swiping and make you Valentine’s Day a memorable one.


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