As the world celebrates National Doughnut Day, here are some facts for you

As the world celebrates National Doughnut Day, here are some facts for you
As the world celebrates National Doughnut Day, here are some facts for you

Doughnuts were first introduced in the 1800s by the Dutch who named them Olykoeks (or oily cakes) they were similar to today’s doughnuts except that they did not have a hole in the centre, which was the latter addition.  They were initially balls of fried dough; however, there was one problem with this that the centre remained uncooked. To rectify this problem the first solution proposed was that the centre is stuffed with food which does not require much cooking. Later, however, there was a different solution put forth by Hansen Gregory, which was to eliminate the uncooked centre leading to the hole of the centre. However, there is still some uncertainty regarding how the hole in the doughnut came into existence.

The National Doughnut Day was started in 1938 in Chicago by the Salvation Army as a way to raise funds and awareness for the efforts of the community. This was dedicated to those volunteers who spent time handing out doughnuts during the First World War. There also happen to be two national doughnut days one on the June 1 and the other on November 5.

Here are some interesting facts about doughnuts:

  • In the United States alone, there are around 10 billion doughnuts made annually.
  • Adolph Levitt was a Russian immigrant and the first to invent the automatic doughnut machine in 1920. It was named “Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Donut Machine”.
  • It is also believed that the doughnut was created by mistake initially
  • The largest doughnut ever to be formed was in the New York on the 21st of January 1993, it was an American-style jelly doughnut. It weighed 1.7 tons. It was 16 feet wide and 16 inches high.
  • The French used to call the doughnut as ‘Nuns Farts’

The top 4 places to try doughnuts in India:

Mad Over Donuts:  If you were to visit here then have their Double Trouble Doughnut and Choco Bomb Doughnut and among savoury varieties, try the Spice Surprise Doughnut.

Dunkin Donuts: One must try their Apple Crumble Doughnut and Choco Frosted Doughnut.

Krispy Kreme: The Mudcake Doughnut is the best here; however, you can also try their original Glazed, Chocolate Glazed and Chocolate Dream Cake Doughnuts.

Donut Factory: The Oreo Delight, Choco Chip and Black and White doughnuts are highly recommended here.


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