Acute water crisis in Shimla; helpless residents forced to fetch water from cremation ground

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Acute water crisis in Shimla; helpless residents forced to fetch water from cremation ground

Shimla: In what could be a major environmental warning, there has been a water crisis in Shimla for over a week as residents of Chalaunthi area in the suburbs were forced to fetch water from the local cremation ground on bypass road on Sunday.

Reportedly, they had not got water for days and many felt that it was better to get it from the dead rather than dying of thirst.

Meanwhile, hundreds of residents blocked the national highway at Kanlog bypass for two and half hours from 4 pm as they wanted the authorities to know about their desperation.

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“We are extremely upset at having to drink water from a place meant for the dead. But the situation is acute and we have no option,” says Satish Kumar, vice-president of Sanjivani Jan Kalyan Society was quoted in a report. He adds that after their protest, a water tanker was sent to their area but was not sufficient for the 5,000-odd residents.

“We had never imagined that one day we will fetch water from cremation ground. The failure of state government and MC in providing water has forced us to take such steps,” adds Chander Mohan Chandel president of the society.

According to a report, BJP councillor from Engine Ghar Ward, Arti Chauhan, alleged that there was enough water available but wrong distribution had resulted in the crisis. “It seems only influential people and hotel owners have access to water while common people are made to suffer,” she alleged.

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