Retired English teacher sends back Trump’s letter after correcting it

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In what could be an embarrassing moment for the White House, a retired secondary school English teacher has corrected a letter she received from US president Donald Trump and sent it back to the White House.

Yvonne Mason of Atlanta who was a teacher for 17 years, said that the letter would have barely passed and corrected its numerous grammatical errors.

This included 11 examples of incorrect capitalisation of words such as “president” and “state”.

“If it had been written in middle school, I’d give it a C or C-plus. If it had been written in high school, I’d give it a D,” Mason told a local daily.

She chose not to attach a grade to the corrected letter, which included President Trump’s signature and posted back to the White House.

Mason argued the note – which was a reply to a note she had written about Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida which left 17 dead – was “stylistically appalling”.

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She acknowledged that the letter was likely to have been penned by a staff member rather than the president himself.

“When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct,” she said.

According to a report, the teacher, who taught English at Hughes Middle School and Mauldin High School in Greenville for almost two decades before retiring last year, compared the billionaire property developer’s letter to those sent by the state’s Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“Lindsey Graham, or his people, writes exquisite letters. I give him credit for that. They are far more on-topic. I understand the nature of form letters, but Graham’s are written as if they’re addressing your particular concern,” she was quoted in a report.

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