From ‘Up’ to ‘Finding Dory’; here’s a list of animated films every kid must watch during vacations!

You already know that cartoons and animated movies are not just for kids, but lets face it  But when these kinds of movies are only being marketed to young kids, it can be easy to miss a gem, either because you didn’t realize it existed. With summer vacations coming up and the heat wave reaching its peak, here we are with a list of animated films that all kids and their parents can watch.

Well, we’ve created a rundown of every animated flick out this year that you have to see, they’ll capture your heart, and give you a good excuse to eat movie-theater popcorn for dinner.

1. Finding Dory

It’s the follow-up to Finding Nemo, a timeless Pixar classic with years of quotable lines. Dory is more for everyone than it is just for kids, so parents would definitely enjoy this one too. Wave your weird fin high for this one, guys. With its meaningful messages and light jokes, you’d definitely keep smiling throughout.

2. Zootopia

Why should you see this one? It’s kind of a no-brainer: It’s got cute animals, a good vs. evil theme, and it does a decent job of explaining race and privilege. Yeah, that last one sounds like a tall order, but the reviews stand by that claim. Why not check it out?

3. Trolls

Have you ever played with the crazy-haired troll dolls from the ‘90s, or at least seen pictures of them? Well, now they’re coming to life, and they do the Whip/Nae Nae in the trailer. Crazy hair + popular dance moves = Worth it. These will definitely play with your emotions because for a second you might be laughing at their acts and the next crying to see how they are sharing such beautiful lives.

4. Beauty and the Beast

As the crown jewel of the Disney Renaissance, “Beauty and the Beast” has been at the top of best-of lists since it was released to universal critical acclaim in 1991. It was the first animated movie to ever be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, along with five other categories. The fact that it won Best Original Score and Best Song is a testament to the musical genius of the soundtrack. But it is Belle, whose bravery and independence helped redefine the meaning of a Disney princess, that truly makes the movie.

5. The Lion King

This animal tale was the first Disney animated feature to be made from an original story rather than an existing fairy tale. And despite featuring the most tear-jerking death scene since “Bambi,” “The Lion King” has won over audiences and critics alike.

6. Up

Who would have thought that one of the most touching love stories of all time could be told in five minutes? Right from the get-go, “Up” tugged at our heartstrings with a montage that takes us through Ellie and Carl’s life together, from their marriage to Ellie’s death. After the emotional whallop of the beginning, “Up” pairs up two of the most unlikely protagonists on a humorous and healing adventure.

7. Brave 

Not only is “Brave Pixar’s first fairy tale, it is also the studio’s first movie to feature a female protagonist and the first to include a female director. Though Mark Andrews ultimately replaced Brenda Chapman as director, her mark on the movie is easily discernable and her vision gives the tale heart. “Brave” was originally inspired by Chapman’s relationship with her daughter, and as a result, the way the spirited Merida continually butts heads with her more traditional mother rings especially true.

8. The Secret Life of Pets

This movie was created for anyone who has ever wondered what their pets do when the humans are away, or what they’d say if they could talk. Now, imagine if the pets had voices of celebrities: Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Eric Stonestreet, Ellie Kemper, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, and Hannibal Buress. Can you imagine Kevin Hart as a fluffy white rabbit? No? Then you’ll have to see this movie for the full experience.


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