Woman spent a day at Disneyland in just five dollars

Five dollars at Disneyland in one day
Five dollars at Disneyland in one day

A visit to Disneyland would ideally make one spend around 100 dollars in a day minimum since there is so much to do there. From rides to food, souvenirs, and drinks, it sounds impossible to spend less money. However, a woman took up a challenge to spend a day at Disneyland in just five dollars and she had the time of her life.

Blogger Julia Prescott who blogs at Munchies struggled a bit in the beginning but by the end of it really had a good time and could complete the challenge beautifully. She pretended that it was her birthday and she was visiting Disneyland for a day. She could manage to eat and drink as well for free at some eateries on the basis of her introduction.

Julia has given a few tips to those who wish to take up this challenge that could make it slightly easy for them to win.

Pretend, it’s your birthday

She tried this tactic and managed to collect a lot of free gifts and food from the stalls around on account of wishing her. All of them would not give free items, but some also give discounts.

Collect condiments and samples

Julia says that it might be tough to sustain through the day, but this could help you win the challenge and make you stay on longer without any bucks in your pocket.

Extra plate tactic

The extra plate tactic is also fun but a bit risky as you need to be really careful if using this tip. If you ask for an extra plate at a restaurant the servers would assume that you’ve placed your order and you can then ask for sides and accompaniments without hesitation.

Free water

Go to cafes and ask them for free water. A few might show sympathy as she managed to get a free cookie with a glass of free water on telling them that it is her birthday.


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