Here’s what Meghan Markle can’t do after saying ‘I do’ to Prince Harry

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While Meghan Markle will say ‘I do’ to Prince Harry, she will also say ‘I don’t’ to several other things. And as they say marriage is all about compromises.

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No autographs

As a popular star of the TV show, Suits, Meghan Markle, 36, is used to signing autographs, but she can no longer entertain such requests. And she has even left the show. According to reports in The Express, the reason is to avoid signature forgery. Looks like Markle already made her peace with it. In January this year, instead of giving an autograph, she wrote, “Hi Kaitlin” for a fan. After the wedding, even that won’t be allowed.

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No selfies

Meghan Markle won’t even be able to take any more selfies. The Queen isn’t a big fan of cellphone photography, something that has filtered down to the other members in the royal family. As per a 2014 report by The Telegraph, the Queen finds it strange to see a slew of mobile phones, and she misses “eye contact”.

No bright nail polish

Moving on from selfies and autographs. In a 2017 report by OK! magazine, it has been reported that royal family women aren’t allowed to wear bright nail polish. The reason according to the article is that Queen finds colourful nail polish “extremely vulgar”. The only shade a princess can choose is the nude shade.

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No bare legs

A princess mustn’t show her bare legs either in public. Every time she leaves the palace, she must wear stockings. This was noticed by the British media, at the Commonwealth Day last month, when Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a pair of nude stockings. This was her first official outing as a part of the British royals.

No Monopoly

Meghan Markle won’t be able to play the board game Monopoly within palace premises. According to a report by The Telegraph in 2008, Prince Andrew had to take the game outside of the palace, as it was considered too vicious to be played at home. Another one, although it’s not a rule, it’s still better if Meghan doesn’t try to go to bed before the Queen does.

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But, it looks like Markle is more than okay with the rules, and has already started abiding by some of them. Maybe, it isn’t a compromise for her at all.

Here’s what Prince Harry can’t do after he marries Meghan Markle-

If there’s one thing that Prince Harry has to do in order to have Meghan Markle as his wife, that’s giving up smoking. According to several reports, Markle has “ordered” Harry to kick the butt, and he has vowed to not smoke anymore at home.



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