Top 7 summer food trends you need to explore right now

Summer food trends of 2018
Summer food trends of 2018

As summer is here, all of you must be excited and eager to know about the latest summer trends in food that are going viral this year. Over the last summer, there had been a rage in the food trends that also reflected a change in the attitude and behaviour towards people, community and the environment.

Here are some of the top trends to roll out in this season, so check them out:

Poke bowls

Essentially a comfort food of Hawaii – poke bowls comprise sushi and other forms of meat concocted with fruits, vegetables, sides and condiments without a fussy presentation. Though these poke bowls, pronounced as “poh-keh” are hard to find at restaurants, they can be conveniently tried at home with the right ingredients and presentation. For lunch or dinner, these bowls are sure to fill you up and make you feel light at the same time.

Non-alcoholic beverages

As per the growing trend, people are replacing alcohol with tonic waters and other non-alcoholic beverages or summer coolers such as watermelon basil cooler, strawberry and mint cooler, and orange with yoghurt based smoothies could do wonders. So, if you are hosting a party at home this weekend, avoid alcohol and prepare these wonder beverages for your gang.

Iced and gelato popsicles

From creamy gelato sticks to fruity iced popsicles, the town is going gaga over this buzzing trend. From ice cream parlours, the town moved to frozen yoghurt and now it is time for these popsicles that can be enjoyed at kiosks or parlours or if you are a little experimental, you could try freezing them at home as well.

Bubble tea

Imagine, bubbles in your iced tea floating in your glass. Yes, bubble tea is suave for the youth looking at different flavours and options besides the regular infused iced tea. Mango, melon, strawberry and mint could be some great flavours to try.

Root to stem cooking

Food wastage is gradually on the decrease and with the effort to eradicate it completely, people have adopted root to stem form of cooking that involves the entire vegetable or fruit from the leaves to the stem and the root. Some of them that can be actively seen are mangoes, watermelon, broccoli, and grapes.

Floral flavours

Who says that flowers are not edible? This summer try lavender, rose, and lilies in your drinks or desserts. Hibiscus and elderflower based cocktails are also equally popular. Many interesting combinations can be tried using these flowers.

Grilled meat and veggies

Grilled meat have drastically replaced fried forms and as you can see, all restaurants are heavily relying on barbecues and grills. Even the signature places that serve fried snacks and food have kept grilled alternatives for the health-conscious folks. So, this summer include grilled fish, poultry or veggies like tofu, cottage cheese or soy in your diet either at home or outside.





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