Want to connect with celebs? Here’s how

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Perhaps there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have a celebrity favorite. Fans adore them, worship them and look for ways to connect with them.

Social media platforms like, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have opened up a gateway to their inner world and give fans an opportunity to interact with therr favorite celebrities. However, the conversation on social media is always one way.

Not to lose hope though because, here are some apps exclusively made for connecting celebrities with their fans from different parts of the world. Be it an athlete, a musician, designer or an actor, fans can find their idols in these apps and connect directly with them:


A globally popular live streaming app based out of China, Live.me allows users to communicate with each other and social influencers live. People can follow their favorite celebrities here and even help them earn for their talent through virtual gifts.


A startup from Australia, Padlokt with its new technology and a communication platform, allows fans from all corners of the globe to interact directly with their favorite superstars.

Bigo Live

This Singapore based free live-streaming video app for iOS and Android, Bigo Live, allows mobile users to broadcast themselves and capture audiences to share their lives spontaneously via videos. It has attracted personalities like news anchors, who have in turn attracted hundreds of thousands of fans from their respective social media channels like Facebook.


A popular platform from USA, FanHero gives celebrities the best tools to interact with their fans. It provides them with a blank mobile app which they can customise and fill. For fans, FanHero means a way to be in touch with their idols in the most direct way ever, with no filters or middlemen.

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