Modi-Xi tango happened in Wuhan, here is why the city should be on your travel list

A Trip to Wuhan China
A Trip to Wuhan China

Wuhan also called the riverside city of China is located in the heart of the Yangtze River. What once used to be a combination of three villages namely Hankou, Wuchang, and Hanyang is now one of the largest cities in China.

Spread across peninsulas, discovered marshland and river deltas, it is rapidly progressing with a lovely connection of ferries, tunnels, and bridges. There is also a lot to explore in this city in China owing to its historic significance.

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Riverside Park

Sprawling over ten miles along the Yangtze River, opposite the Bund, the park is adorned with fountains and plantings, figures of popular Olympians.

The Bund

What formerly was the river bank, is a majestic Colonial-style building that houses the offices of the British, French, Russian, German, and Japanese traders. These offices have now been re-created into restaurants and nightclubs.

Hubei Provincial Museum

The Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan that hosts a collection of bronzes of Zhou craftsmen. Magnificently painted suitcases, weapons, coffins, gold cups, horse trappings are among some of the exhibits of this museum.

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Han Pedestrian Street

A chic mall designed in a way that it reflects the Colonial past is what this street is known for. It is lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops crowded with groups and is especially buzzing over the weekends.

Wanda Movie Park

A modern version of Disneyland, this park is a series of experiential films. Rides in the form of volcanic eruptions, tsunami and clouds are what you can expect to see in this Wanda Movie Park.



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