Hacks to spend time with kids this summer vacation

Summer vacation hacks to plan with kids
Summer vacation hacks to plan with kids

Summers are here again and schools are all set to go on vacations for two months from May to July. Have you parents thought of how you would spend time with your kids over this period and make it memorable for them and yourselves? It is not necessary that you plan a month-long trip with them, the important part is that you can spend time with them even at home.

Here are some tips on how to spend time with children this summer vacation:

1) Try to have at least two meals in the day with them and teach them the importance of eating together as a family and why not to waste food and how it is a precious commodity.

2) After eating food, let your kids wash their own plates, bowls and spoons. They need to learn to respect the labour class and this is the best way to teach them.

3) Let your children help you in cooking. They can prepare their own salads, sandwiches and fruit bowls. They will learn something new as well as enjoy making new things every day.

4) Sit down with your kids and teach them five new words daily to increase their vocabulary.

5) Visit three neighbours with your kids. Know more about them and build a rapport with them. It is good to be a bit social and a good feeling to know people around you.

6) Those who live separate from their in-laws should take their kids to their grandparents and make them spend time with them. This is a good time to bond with the entire family. Also, know that their love and emotional support is very important for you and your children. Take selfies with them and make a family collage or tree.

7) If you’re working, take your kids to your workplace and let them know how hard you work to keep them and the family happy.

8) If there is any local festival or market nearby, make sure to take your kids to visit them.

9) Share stories of your childhood and their childhood and tell them your family history.

10) Raise a kitchen garden with your kids and let them learn to take care of it right from planting the seeds to nurture them and grow them into full vegetables and fruits.


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