Getting married this summer – here is a checklist of must-haves at the location

Summer wedding essentials
Summer wedding essentials

So now that your wedding date, venue and guest list are planned, you must be all set to tie the knot this summer with your special someone. Your family and friends would have also started planning their outfits and stuff to attend your wedding. However, there are still a few things that you might not have thought of keeping at the venue, so we will help you with a list of must-haves at your location, especially since it is a summer wedding.

Insect Repellants

If you have planned an outdoor wedding or a function outdoor, you should be aware of the bugs and insects hovering around the venue. Consider keeping free-flowing bug sprays at the venue and you can also opt for bug-repelling lanterns as part of your decor.

Hydration corner

It is important to stay hydrated and keep guests hydrated especially, at a summer wedding, so one corner of the venue can be reserved for a hydration station that can have flavoured infused water bottles or water coolers with infused flavoured water.


How about distributing cheap sunglasses to your guests at the venue entrance? You can have one of the servers or someone from your event management hired team stand at the venue to distribute them. Purchase fancy coloured shades and make your relatives and friends happy.

Touch-up station

After that fancy makeup from salons, one definitely would not want to ruin their faces with the sweat. Hence, keep basic stuff like lip glosses, blushers, wet wipes, eyeliners, and makeup removers, and disposable combs at the venue with a mirror and of course, a few safety pins and hairpins.

Flip flops

Girls must be tired of wearing heels through the entire function. Once the ceremony is done, hand over rubber flipflops to dance and stay up and running through the function. Make it easy for them to stay all through your function.

Midnight Nibbles

There would definitely be a bunch of friends and relatives who would be willing to wait till the end of the wedding. So, post dinner, usually the hosts needs to arrange for tea and coffee while the priest is performing his rituals. In stead of tea and coffee, why not arrange small packets of munchies distributed to the guests to stay up all night.

Activities for kids

While the elders and youngsters enjoy the customs of the wedding, the kids get extremely bored. Think about organising some fun activities for them like paint and books or colouring books, or even better, why not have a kids corner with a tiny fun zone where kids can play.

Portable eco-friendly washrooms

Since lot of times, weddings are held outdoors, sanitation can be an issue. For this, you can have eco-friendly portable washrooms for women and men instead of using ones at the venue. It ensures hygiene and comfort for your guests.

Foldable fans

Distribute foldable fans as wedding invitations with the details printed on them. These can be used by guests attending your wedding, in case the hall is stuffy or they need some fresh air as mist fans cannot be placed in every corner.


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