Everything is legal in these 5 countries – check them out

Legal countries in the world
Legal countries in the world

People tend to try what is forbidden or illegal to know why it is forbidden. According to them, life is an assortment of new experiences, just that some of them are not well-accepted by the societies and families. India is a country where things are often done illegally without coming out in the open.

There are, however some countries in the world where everything is legal and these places entertain locals and tourists alike. Travellers visit these countries for once in a lifetime experiences and fulfil all they dream.

Whether it is a bachelor party or just a random trip with your gangs, here are 5 countries besides Las Vegas and Thailand we have picked for you to find unlimited alcohol, sensuality, and party all through the day. So, plan your vacation as soon as possible.


Also called ‘the sin city of the world’, drugs of all kinds are legal here. In other words, one can say that Amsterdam is the abode to countless drugs such as hash, weed, marijuana, ecstasy, etc. Besides drugs, escort service is also very popular here and for both single men and women, there is full action in Amsterdam.


Although not legalized, the sensual company is one of the prime activities for tourists in Havana. The striking part is that it is the minors here who offer themselves for this activity to the tourists. So, those who need an exotic location for a bachelor party can consider this option.


One of the hottest countries in the world, Brazil is known for its sensual nightlife which is very safe to practice because the government has completely legalized it. Also popular for the stunning women, you can find many male groups here in Brazil for some fun to fill their fantasies.


Although known as the technology capital, Tokyo in Japan is also known for its dark things and is at its notorious best and the slums offer all kinds of hot services. Men who have deep fantasies also use animals and violence here in Tokyo.

Czech Republic

The most intense place in the world, Prague is called a ‘hot destination’ known for legal hot dates and allowed by the government. The gorgeous looking women in Prague make the place one of the main centres of ‘sensual tourism’ in the world. You can actually choose women basis your requirements here.




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