Indians spend 98% of their online time on WhatsApp, says study

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A new study of American analytics company ComScore has discovered that Indian users invest a total of ninety-eight percent of their total online time on WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the remaining two percent is spent on Facebook Messenger. Notably, both the applications are owned by the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed social media giant Facebook.

It sure is a win-win situation for the social media company, thanks to its Indian consumers. It would also go on to explain that the officials consider India as their crucial market.

India’s population, which is equivalent to 17.74 percent of the total world population, certainly represents one of the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. Therefore, it does not come across as a surprise that Indians end up spending most of their time on WhatsApp, which offers a free calling and messaging service. On the similar line, the ComScore report further notes that over 90 percent of the digital minutes spent by Indians in 2017 were spent on a mobile phone. With this, India, in comparison to other countries holds the highest amount of mobile-only users.

The report further reveals that an average Indian spends close to 3,000 minutes or 50 hours on their mobile phones in 2017. Notably, the number is three times that of the time spent on desktops as Indians spend roughly 1,200 minutes on their desktops.

The overall usage of mobile in India is lower in comparison to developed countries like US, which stands at approximately 5,000 minutes in 2017.


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