PM Modi to visit Kathmandu and Janakpur on May 11

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PM Modi to visit Kathmandu and Janakpur on May 11

New Delhi: Heading towards the normalcy in the bilateral relationship between India and Nepal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Kathmandu and Janakpur on May 11.

Reportedly, two Nepal officials, one Indian official and one political leader involved with planning confirmed Prime Minister’s visit to Nepal.

An official in the Nepal government said: “We have been asked to make preparations for his (Modi’s) Janakpur visit. It has been long due.” Modi was supposed to have visited Janakpur in November 2014, when he went to Nepal to attend the SAARC summit, but this did not materialise because of objections from sections of the Nepal government.

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This will be PM Modi’s third visit to Nepal since he took over Prime Minister’s office. apart from his visit to Kathmandu, the centre of the attraction will be his visit to Janakpur which holds an important religious significance in the Tarai plains, close to the border with Bihar, where Lord Ram was supposed to have wed Sita according to the Ramayana.

Meanwhile, Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli visited Delhi between April 6 and 8 on his first foreign visit after being elected.

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