Countries where the punishment for rapists is death

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Countries where the punishment for rapists is death

Rape is undoubtedly a heinous crime and an issue of utmost concern in India today. Despite enacting new laws with stringent punishments and setting up fast-track courts, things have not changed much. With more rape cases are coming to the fore and covered in the news, few questions always come to our mind.

Here are the countries where rapists are given a death penalty-

Saudi Arabia: Being an Islamic country, the legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia – Islamic law. The punishment for rape, or for that matter any other crime like murder, drug trafficking, sodomy, robbery, and apostasy is public beheading. It is said that while beheading, the victim is given a sedative.

This is done in in a public place where the victim is made to kneel down facing Mecca and his head is beheaded with a single stroke by the police.

China: In China too, strict punishment is given to rapists. Rape is a brutal crime and a death penalty is declared once the rapist is convicted. This is done by firing a single bullet at the spinal cord joining the neck.

Another punishment given to the rapists in China is castration. The same punishment is given for other heinous crimes too. It is worth noting that the court proceedings are very quick.

United Arab Emirates: In United Arab Emirates too, the punishment, is death. The rapist is hanged till death and this punishment is meted out within seven days of the crime.

Cuba: Death penalty for rape resulting in serious injury, by an offender previously convicted of the same crime or by an offender who knows that s/he suffers from a sexually transmitted disease is punishable by death. Rape of a child under the age of 12 is punishable by death.

Afghanistan: Even in Afghanistan, the Islamic law is followed for punishing the rape accused. The rapist is either hanged to death or  shot dead by a bullet in the head. The punishment is given within four days of the crime.

North Korea: In North Korea too, the punishment of a rapist is death. The offender is either shot in his head or vital organs by a firing squad. This kills the convict relatively quickly and provides instant justice to the victim.

Iran: According to Islamic law, death penalty is essential for rapists. In Iran too, a rapist is given a death sentence. Even for other crimes, death is the penalty. Sometimes, the rape victim settles the case by taking compensation. In such a case, the rapist gets away with 100 lashes and sometimes imprisonment.

Greece: In Greece, the rapist is punished with incarceration.

Egypt: In Egypt too, the culprit is hanged till death.

USA: The usual sentence for a convicted rapist here depends on whether the trial falls under state or federal law. In cases under federal law, the punishments can range from a few years to imprisonment for the entirety of the rapist’s life span.

Greece: The definition of rape in Greece’s legal books is very clear. Any sex abuse done in Greece, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual harassment is considered sex more than the threat of killing life. The offender is imprisoned in this crime. Even in captivity, the culprit is kept tied in vessels like animals.

France: Rape is imprisonment in France. Although in this captive, the Mujrim has to spend 15 years in jail, but if the victim is 15 years or less then this person is increased from 15 years to 20 years. If the victim dies due to this crime, the prison term limit can be up to a maximum of 30 years. Apart from this, any kind of physical or mental harassment with the rap can be allowed to remain in the Taumar Jail.

It’s time for India to become stricter with its laws as well for a safer society for women.


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