Are nuts really your best buddies for the heart?

Nuts, Less Heart Problems
Nuts are good for heart

Nuts if taken regularly, decrease the risk of major heart problems. According to the study conducted by the British Medical Journal, if you have a handful of nuts on a daily basis, there are lesser chances of your heart beating irregularly.

Also, the risk of heart failure or cardiac arrest is less if you consume nuts regularly. Earlier as well, similar studies were conducted which also suggested that eating nuts is directly linked to a healthy heart. However, it is not sure whether they take care of the smaller issues or not.

To arrive at a conclusion, the researchers devised a Food frequency questionnaire and conducted the survey on several Swedish people for about 20 years.

The result of the study was that those who ate nuts were better educated and led a healthier lifestyle as compared to those who ignored nuts in their diet. They did not feel the need to smoke as nuts gave them that energy kick similar to cigarettes. They were also more physically active and consumed a healthier diet.



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