Can you tell what’s wrong with this picture captured on Google ‘Street View’

Google Maps’ Street View has captured numerous hilarious pictures since its creation back in 2007. The search giant ensures the subject’s privacy by blurring the faces out. However, in the recent image that has gone viral, a woman was captured by the 360-degree camera on a beach in Costa Rica.

In the picture, despite the woman lying on her front, she appears to have her legs in the wrong way around. Her torso can be seen as twisted.

Such incidents often take place when Google Maps’ ‘Street View’ is involved as images are knitted together. To create the seamless effect, a number of photographs are taken at the same time and put together afterwards. Sometimes, moving objects such as people or cars are often duplicated or cut out when it takes place.

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Meanwhile, a proposal to roll out Google Street View, an application through which one can explore cities, tourist spots, hills and rivers using 360-degree panoramic and street-level imagery, has been rejected by the government, the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

Union minister of state for home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir said Google had submitted a proposal on the Google Street View for the government’s permission in July 2015 which allows users to explore places around the world through 360-degree panoramic street-level imagery and view public area.

“The government has not agreed to the proposal,” Ahir said in a written reply to a question.

Here are some bizarre moments captured on Google Street View

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