Post Kathua, Unnao rape and statement by some BJP leaders, social media gives a thumbs down to NDA 

New Delhi: The statements made by the BJP leaders in the aftermath of the Kathua and Unnao rape cases has led to the social media giving a thumbs down to the ruling NDA.

In a poll which reached over 1,75,000 people an overwhelming 68 per cent said that they will not vote for the government if the election were to be held today. Thus, shattering the theory of some BJP strategists that the party should have early elections to minimise the anti-incumbency factor.

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In contrast more than 50 per cent of the respondents said they will vote for the current government (NDA) after the budget 2018 was presented in the Lok Sabha.

About 50 former civil servants have written an open letter to the prime minister expressing their angst over the Kathua and Unnao incidents. They have highlighted the fact that the agenda of division and hate by the party………provides the social sanction and legitimacy for the incidents in Kathua and Unnao.

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