2018 is the year of experimentation; hair experts predict trending hair styles and colours

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2018 is the year of experimentation; hair experts predict trending hair styles and colours

Spring summer season is here and it’s time to experiment with your personalities. What better way than to bring in a dash of colour to your hair or restyle it to bring forward a brand new you.

Hair experts are predicting 2018 as the year of experimentation. Short haircuts, diverse colour combinations and quirky cuts are the trends. Bobs, lobs and blobs are the way ahead for hair.  Hair colours are also undergoing impactful changes with hues of coffee, gold and sun kissed highlights, making their way forward.

Some trends for this season –

* Short and stylish haircuts are in. Bobs, lob and blobs (a bob and lob together), styled with fringes and layers work well. Blunts also make the cut. Summers are always messy with long hair and that’s the reason why hair experts predict short hair. Mid lengths with waves, fringes and the breezy look promise to transform mundane and boring long hair into something much more interesting.

* Balayage in the front-facing section is another new trend of colouring your mane this season. Something hardly experimented with is the caramel colour. Hair highlights in this shade can catch the attention of youngsters. People wanting drastic looks and who have the confidence to experiment with quirk and bold colours should opt for brighter shades of blonde.

* Use hair care products and masks that will protect and nourish. It is essential to get your hands-on products packed with UV protection, especially given that the sun can not only reduce moisture but cause hair colour to fade.

* Style your hair with products that will retain moisture in your hair, and not strip your hair of its natural oils.

* Wear your hair in careless random waves and curls, it works very well in the scorching heat. That way, you need not worry about straightened hair getting wavy due to the sweat and grime. You can have luscious locks all along the way.

Some haircuts which are in vogue –

  • shape the edges of heavy or thick hair by cutting the ends with a razor and not scissors.
  • Get Emma Watson kind of bangs on the forehead. Get baby bangs or micro fringe.

  • upgraded a shoulder-grazing lob with wispy and light bangs perfect for spring.
  • Part in-between lengths deep to one side and style in glossy curls.
  • Side bangs are ripe for a comeback. Create subtle side-bangs.


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