Indigo does it again, kicks-out passenger, aviation ministry orders probe

Now fly from Delhi to Georgia from February next year
Now fly from Delhi to Georgia from February next year
The ministry of civil aviation has ordered a probe into the incident in which IndiGo Airlines forced a passenger to get off the plane when he complained about mosquitoes on the Lucknow-Bangalore flight.

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“They held me by the collar and dragged me through the aisle, I heard crew saying ‘if you have a problem with mosquitoes then why don’t you leave India?” said Dr. Saurabh Rai, who was offloaded.
“The flight was full of mosquitoes, when I raised an objection, I was manhandled by the crew and offloaded from the aircraft, I was even threatened,” he added.

This is not an isolated incident. Indigo has been in the centre of such controversies including beating up a passenger.

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The airline defended its action by saying that the passenger was offloaded on grounds of unruly behavior. Prior to take-off, Rai, expressed concerns regarding mosquitos on board. However, before the cabin crew on board could address his concerns, Rai aggressively expressed his annoyance and started to use threatening language, the low cost carrier said in a statement.



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