Senior leader Ramai Ram demands ‘Harijanistan’, separate country for Dalits

Senior leader Ramai Ram threatened of forming ‘Harijanistan’ a separate country for Dalits. Two days after Barath band and violent protest by Dalit organisations for alleged dilution of the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

“Constitutional rights of Dalits are being snatched and their dignity and honour hurt. Dalits cannot live in the country as a second-class citizen. We will demand Harijanistan,” News agency IANS quoted Ramai Ram as saying.

Ramai Ram further demanded to give martyrs status to Dalits killed during the April 2 protests. He claimed that Ambedkar had also demanded a separate country for Dalits but had dropped it after assurances regarding special rights for Dalits. The former JDU leader and minister reportedly said, “but then top leaders of the country provided special rights to Dalits in place of Harijanistan. Now special rights for Dalits in the constitution are under threat and Dalits are being discriminated everywhere. It will not work anymore.”


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