Deadpool now fights cancer with a Pink Deadpool costume contest

A visual from the video where Ryan Reynolds don a Pink Deadpool Suit


Ryan Reynolds has put up a new pink “Deadpool” suit for sale to raise funds in the fight against cancer.

Ryan Reynolds who plays Deadpool in Marvel film franchise, shared a video on Twitter to announce the nonprofit F**k Cancer drive through an Omaze campaign. He urged his fans to support the cause by donating money and get a chance to win the pink Deadpool suit he worn during the video. The suit was worn once by Ryan Reynolds and is made lovingly with over 10,000 individually selected pink gummi bears. Apart from the suit the contest offers a range of personalised gifts from Deadpool.

In a “special message from Deadpool,” Reynolds said that the new bright pink suit was for the “world to see that I have a big old heart-on… That’s heart with a ‘t’… For my new obsession, pink – the colour, not the singer. Personally I’m more of a Celine guy.” “This is one fight where everyone can be a hero, no superpowers, capes or lame CG costumes needed – just your money. Seriously, we need that – these suits aren’t cheap,” he added.

According to the official campaign website, donating more than $10 will give entrants a chances to win and unlocks exclusive merchandise. Donating $10 gives entants a 100 chances to win, while donating $50 gives 1,000.  To win  signed Deadpool 2 poster and a signed Deadpool DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack one must donate $1,000 and $1,500 respectively. And by donating $5,000, fans will get a personalised voicemail message recorded by Deadpool himself.

Proceeds from the contest will go to LetsFCancer, a nonprofit organization that “creates campaigns around behavior change and promotes scientifically proven routes for cancer prevention.

Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2  is all set to hits theaters on May 18.


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