PMO overturns Smriti Irani’s diktat

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Trouble mounts for Smriti Irani as victim’s kin allege negligence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed the Ministry of Information and Broadcast to withdraw the press release regarding the fake news.

The I&B Ministry headed by Smriti Irani on Monday night issued a release titled ‘Guidelines for Accreditation of Journalists Amended to Regulate Fake News’. As per the amendments, accreditation of the journalists would be cancelled if they are repeatedly found peddling fake news.

The guidelines stated that in case the allegations of propagation of fake news by the journalist is confirmed then the accreditation would be cancelled for a period of six months. The second time offenders would face a one year ban while the accreditation of would stand cancelled permanently for the third violation.

I&B minister’s order that has been withdrawn:

The PMO said that any decision on the fake news should be taken by bodies like the Press Council of India and the News Broadcasters Association.


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