Malala returns to Swat Valley after six years

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It was an emotional homecoming for youth activist and Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai when she reached her childhood home in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. She has come home after six years with heavy security.

This was the place where Taliban militants had shot a 13-year-old Malala on the head for advocating girl’s education in Pakistan online through her blog. She was shot in her school bus which was full of other children while she was returning from school in 2012.

The shooting at the child and education activist drew widespread international condemnation.

The Taliban had later issued a statement threatening that, if Malala survived the attack, then she would be targeted again.

She along with her family left Pakistan the same year after she survived the assassination attempt. She now stays with her family in Birmingham in the United Kingdom and is a student at the prestegious Oxford University.

Today, Malala arrived in Mingora by helicopter and went to her old house. At her childhood home, she burst into tears.

Her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai and other members of the family were also with her on the trip.

During the day-long trip, Malala is scheduled to visit her school and meet some dignitaries at Circuit House in the city.

Tight security arrangements are in place in and around Malala’s family house and school. Also, roads leading to these places have been closed for traffic.

Yesterday, Malala had said that she planned to return to Pakistan, after completing her education in the UK, adding that she wanted to continue advocating for girl’s right to education in Pakistan.

Earlier in the week, while addressing the audience at the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad, Malala broke down in tears, while recalling that how much she missed Pakistan.

Malala and her family arrived in Pakistan three days back after spending about six years in the UK.

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