WhatsApp hack: How to read messages without the sender’s knowledge

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WhatsApp is equipped with several features that are both, fun and comfortable at the same time. On the similar line, the platform features the ‘Read Receipt’ option that allows users to enable/disable ‘Blue Ticks’ from their chats.

The purpose of ‘Blue Ticks’ is essential to keep senders informed of whether their messages have been read by the recipient or not. The feature is useful for some, however; there are many others who find it an unnecessary hazard to their personal space.

It is quite understandable that you want your personal space to be respected, even if that is on WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting ideal or endlessly scrolling through Facebook, some messages demand an urgent reply but you’re probably not in the mood to do so. Most WhatsApp users opt to switch the ‘Blue Ticks’ feature off. Many others simply switch their devices off. However, there’s a simple hack that does not require you to do either of them.

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Follow the given steps to enjoy your me-time without going through the unnecessary hassle of switching any of the features off:

When you receive the message, simply go to the notification panel of your smartphone and switch the ‘Flight Mode’ on.

Following which, click open WhatsApp and read the message that you have received.

Close WhatsApp and make sure you have shut it off from the background panel of your smartphone as well.

Switch the ‘Flight Mode’ on.

The sender won’t know whether you have read the message or not as the ‘Blue Tick’ won’t appear.

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