Stark truth behind Delhi’s contract killers; a mother, a physiotherapist and other first timers

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A mother of seven, a science graduate, a property dealer and a man looking for a job — these are profiles of Delhi’s contract killers. For as little as Rs 40,000, some of these dreaded murderers for hire can fire a gun or wield a knife.

According to a report in HT, at least 50 contract killing cases were solved by the Delhi police in 2017. And what came to light, was startling. Not all accused had previous criminal records — some were first-time offenders with dreams of becoming rich overnight. “Delhi does have not an organised contract-killing gang such as the ones in Mumbai or other cities, but the number of murders here are more in comparison with other metros. Petty criminals are willing to pull the trigger for as little as Rs 40,000,” said a senior crime branch officer, who asked not to be named.

The reasons for contract killings in Delhi are myriad — from jealousy to failed marriage, property dispute to simple rage. But the most common motive, police said, is a relationship gone sour.

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One contract killer who grabbed the headlines last year was a jobless physiotherapy graduate who killed his target by injecting him with a poisonous drug. He was paid Rs. 5 lakh for the murder, which he needed for his wedding.

According to a retired police official, “Criminals taking money to commit crimes have increased over the years. This is a change in the values. Earlier, people worked hard to make money, there was no shortcut. Now because of everything around us, some do not mind taking a shortcut to become rich.” It is nothing but decline of social values. “Contract killers are professionals and are everywhere in the world. But first-timers indulging in such crimes shows degeneration of social values. We have to strengthen the criminal justice system, raise the threshold of social behaviour and maintain higher standards.”

On the list of most wanted in Delhi is a 62-year-old woman and a mother of seven. Her sons are jailed for crimes ranging from robbery, extortion, murder and snatching. Yet, she continuous to take contracts for killings.

Shrinking social values, loopholes in the judiciary and downhill ethical principles, is what this vicious circle is all about. Unfortunately, Delhi, as the capital of India and one of the biggest, most powerful metro’s is becoming home to this.

Education, awareness, job creation and monetary security are the some ways in which this offensive notoriety can be curtailed.


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