NM Impact: Passenger harassment; Indigo apologises, family thanks NewsMobile

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NM Impact: Passenger harassment; Indigo apologises, family thanks NewsMobile

New Delhi: Weeks after NewsMobile reported the ill-treatment of a senior citizen by Indigo airlines and caught budget carrier, President Aditya Ghosh, lying on the incident of harassing a senior citizen on board Delhi-Kolkata flight on March 5th, the airline finally apologised and took steps to compensate the passenger.

The passenger’s granddaughter, Rai Sengupta told Newsmobile that: “Happy to report that Indigo has expressed regret for the incident. The airline has provided my grandfather with a free round trip to anywhere in India- an offer that he can avail anytime this year. Further, given that the unfortunate incident was regarding a pre-booked first-row seat being denied, Indigo has also guaranteed free first row seats in the two free flights offered, as a gesture.”

“We have also received the refund for the first-row seat that was denied to my grandfather on that flight,” Sengupta added.

Talking to NewsMobile, Rai Sengupta thanked NewsMobile for breaking the news first.

NewsMobile was the first platform to air the story which helped the issue get a further impetus,” Rai Sengupta told NewsMobile.

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“The support we received on social media after I put up the Facebook post regarding this incident on Monday (5th March 2018), was overwhelming, to say the least. With over 2.2K reactions and 1300 shares, people showed their support and solidarity with us, expressing empathy with the discomfort faced by my grandfather and then suggesting ways to take this up with various authorities. The manner in which the issue was resolved was largely due to the growing power of social media. People across social media, whom we did not know and will possibly never meet across our lives, stood by us in this endeavour. Apart from that, the media has been very supportive as well,” Rai added.

On being asked about her what she wants to say to the people. Rai said:

“My message to someone in a similar situation would be, undoubtedly, to speak out. If unfairness is meted out to you- of any form or degree, speak out against it. By remaining silent- either of complacency or general apathy, we do a disservice to ourselves and to others in the future who will also face the same unjust situation. We are often inclined to believe that our actions will not have any impact on the larger scheme of things and that often tends to be the security blanket we run into, to avoid taking up action. But that helps no one. 
So speak up. Raise your voice. Articulate the injustice committed. Use social media to get your point across and to reach more people. Write articles to media houses. Write letters to the authorities, to government regulatory bodies. Do not stop at any point. Do not let the unfairness escape unchecked. Make noise. And trust me, if it is a protest against unfairness, people will resonate.”
Meanwhile, the passenger Ajit Mitra, 88, was left surprised by the reactions on social media, Rai told NewsMobile when asked about her grandfather.
“My grandfather is pleasantly surprised by all the support he has received from people across social media regarding the wrong that was done to him. He was quite amazed to see his photo in the newspapers and feels proud that we all stood by him.”

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