Movie Review: Gripping and realist, this Raid keeps you on tenterhooks!

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Movie Review: Gripping and realist, this Raid keeps you on tenterhooks!

Raid is a crime thriller based on the real-life exploits of a brave Income Tax officer.

This tight and realist drama is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta (No one Killed Jesica, Aamir )and written by Ritesh Shah who has an impressive list of some of the best (Kahaani, Kahaani 2, Pink, Airlift, City Lights, 3een, Madaari).
With these two at the helm of affairs, it’s no surprise that they have churned out an absolutely gripping and entertaining fare.

Ajay Devgun plays Amay Patnaik, a fearless and an honest to the hilt income tax officer. Illeana plays his wife. Saurabh Shukla plays Rameshwar Singh, a mighty politician UP whose premises are raided.

The movie is more or less based on one single raid that seemingly lasted for more than 24 hrs. Needless to say, its the screenplay that’s the hero here for being able to bind the audience in a 2 hrs 8 min drama. The movie begins with introducing us to Amay Patnaik, his new posting ( which is 49th in a span of 7 yrs), the kind of no-nonsense officer he is, and a peep into blissful life with his highly supportive wife. It almost immediately gets to the point and the main plot i.e the raid.

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The plot binds you right from the beginning and involves you enough to worry about the risk the officer was taking.
The palpable tension that I felt for whether, where and how he would find the booty was immensely enjoyed by the movie buff in me. So involved were we with that build up, that it seemed scary to think of a scenario wherein he could fail. Full marks to the writer for keeping us on tenterhooks.

The dialogues are crisp and great, devoid of any theatrics. There’s subtle humour woven with conversations. The few claptrap dialogues given to Ajay are delivered so subtly so that they fall in line with realist touch that the director chooses for the film.

The only flaws that I could find in the absolute nail-biting first half are the brief romantic tete-a-tete s and two completely unnecessary songs (which I m sure were inserted to appease Illeana and give credence to her tiny role). Apart from these ignorable parts, there was no sagging moment what so ever.

Speaking of performances, it was a pleasure to see Saurabh Shukla in a mighty and meaty role, that too a negative one. Given the able actor he is, every little gesture and expression he lends to the character are an addition.

Ajay Devgan plays the officer with ease and aplomb. His brooding expressions, his straight-faced dialogue delivery perfectly suits the character. Unlike the Singham type officer, he ‘s real and restrained this time.

Illeana as the supportive wife suited well.

There’s a fine set of actors who play side roles very well and a special mention for an apparently 85 plus actor who plays Saurabh ‘s mother. With her fiery and cute ( you’ll have to watch to see how these two adjectives go together) dialogues, she’s an absolute delight to watch.

Background score by Amit Trivedi was good.Cant mention the same about the songs as they seemed so much a hindrance that I failed to see the quality of music.

Editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee was good except for the romantic sojourns (can’t blame that on him)

With closing credits, we were also given some admirable real facts about those honest brave officers who have withstood all the hooliganism and political pressures and yet did their duty.

Gripping, Entertaining and absolutely a good watch, its a complete thumbs up to Raid.

Score 8 on 10.


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