The perfect checklist that helps you plan a tension free travel experience

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Wish to travel without losing your job? Here's how you could do it!

We all look forward to vacations. Away from routine, madness, work and the tensions of everyday living. Just a sense of solitude, a relaxed mindset and a sense of adventure. In order to ensure that the vacation is not just perfect from the time you step into the location but even before that – you need to start planning in advance. Packing your bags rightfully, not forgetting essentials and keeping the nitty gritty in mind, are some ways to ensure a seamless holiday.

Listed below are some important things that can help you in the planning.

Make an exhaustive list

Make a list of everything that you would need. Clothing, medicines, shoes, cosmetics etc could be some compartments. Make separate lists for children and grownups and start filling them with the items. Tick off the entry once it goes into the suitcase. Many small details get missed for lack of planning.

Weight limit is important

Weigh the suitcases once done. It’s better to realise that you are overweight at home than at the airport.

A medicine kit is a must

A small pouch with all the emergency medicines, first aid and the necessary prescriptions is a good idea. It saves the trouble of looking for a chemist when the need arises. Also, when you travel with kids or elderly, this cannot be overlooked.

Keep space ‘vacant’

As much as we think that we would not go overboard, holidays turn out to be shopping sprees. Plan for this. Either carry an empty bag which can be handy later on or plan to carry 2-3 kgs. lesser than allowed. The suitcase weight issues will always remain standard and you do not want to be overweight on your return journey.

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Check weather conditions in advance

This should be done even before you start choosing the location. Nevertheless, if you haven’t done this, don’t forget to check the weatherman now. This helps in being prepared for the surprises and be armed with the right ‘ammunition’.

Pack intelligently

One way is to stuff everything in the suitcase. The other is to organise the T-shirts, pants, undergarments, party clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc sensibly. It helps to find things easily, saves time and prevents overstuffing.

Ensure the luggage locks work

This is the most common mistake people make most times. Locks are either lost, broken or the digital number combination lost to memory. Remember to check these. Delicate and breakables should be bubble wrapped and placed in between clothing to provide the extra cushioning.

Documents that get you to travel

Don’t forget these. Passports, identification papers, credit or travel cards, tickets etc are some documents, if left behind, can ruin a holiday even before it starts. Remember diligently and keep them in your travel bag.

A holiday needs to lived completely. A little bit of planning only enhances the experience!


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