Post North-East victory, social media poll gives BJP an edge in Karnataka polls

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It seems that the latest election results in North-Eastern states has boosted the confidence of the people of Karnataka. BJP will be forming government at 6 states out of seven states in the north east. The victory is seen as historical defeat of Congress, as Amit Shah-Narendra Modi’s master strategy of wiping out Congress from the country is slowly seeing reality.

In addition, the recently conducted poll on Facebook by NewMobile team also shows that the upcoming election in Karnataka will also favour BJP. Our team on Monday had conducted a poll asking: Who will you vote in Karnataka Polls?

BJP turned out to clear winner with 15833 likes while Congress could muster 13833 likes on Facebook.

It’s worth pointing out that Amit Shah-Modi wave has been taking over in Karnataka, however, when it comes to farmers and civic issues in Karnataka, it seems congress outsmarts BJP.

NewsMobile Team has conducted a poll on Facebook asking: Which political party can effectively address farmer and civic issues in Karnataka? Surprisingly, Congress is leading by 33243 likes while BJP has earned 19578 likes in our poll.

Nevertheless, NewsMobile Team conducted another Facebook poll asking: Which political party do you trust more?

The result was BJP leading the poll by 15391 likes, and Congress earning 8851 likes. While Janta Dal (Secular) only received 1573 likes.

Likewise, NewsMobile Team conducted yet another a poll on Facebook over a week ago asking: Which party can provide good governance to Karnataka?

The result was BJP receiving 20319 likes, Congress 17671, NDS 3148, and NOTA 1389.

Just two weeks ago another poll on Facebook was conducted by NewsMobile Team asking: Which Party will you vote in the upcoming elections in Karnataka?

BJP came out as the clear winner in the poll result by earning 23898 likes. And Congress got 15693, NDS received 3660 and NOTA 803.

BJP has won more than one poll conducted by NewsMobile on Facebook. The result is clear that people of Karnataka are convinced to bring BJP government in the state and BS Yeddyurappa as Chief Minister.

It seems Amit Shah- Modi wave has taken over Karnataka and Modi’s dream of “Congress Mukt Bharat” is becoming a reality.


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