This heartwarming Pakistani ad will leave you in awe

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This heartwarming Pakistani ad will leave you in awe
The video will warm even the coldest of hearts and will explain the love of a mother and how it always is unconditional.
It doesn’t take a genius to know that the life of a mother is extremely tough. And it’s only that much harder for a working mother. However, moms have this wonderful way of making sure their children are always well looked after. No matter how busy a mom gets, she always makes time for her child.
Taking this very thought forward is a heartwarming Pakistani advertisement for a food company that’ll warm even the coldest of hearts. With over 10 million views on Facebook – and still counting – the commercial has become a huge hit on the social networking site.
Watch the video here: 

Almost four minutes long, the video shows a woman getting things ready before she leaves for work. Her son, finishing breakfast, tries to tell her something about his lunchbox. However, she leaves the house in a hurry handing him his lunchbox. You can see he’s disappointed that he couldn’t tell his mother what he had to.Things take a happy turn when suddenly during lunch at school a surprise arrives for him. He opens it to find a special snack along with a lovely note from his mother. She tells him through the letter that no matter how busy she gets, she’ll always have time to listen to him.

From then on, the boy would find a special note from his mother in his lunchbox every day – each letter more heartening than the other. This continues until one day, the boy surprises his mother.


Along with the millions of views, the video has also received over 2.3 lakh reactions and more than 63,000 shares.

“Best commercial ever!” says one Facebook user. “Very nice words and too good message,” says another.


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