Here’s your colourful Holi Brief

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Check out the most popular Holi mascot of the year!

Bura na mano, Holi hai! understanding the significance of the festival of colours

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The mention of the word ‘Holi’ and we cannot help but smile. The festival evokes merriment, a riot of colours and a sense of complete abandon of body and spirit. However, it is integral to understand the significance of Holi in our lives. Why do we celebrate it? What is the mythological, socio-cultural and religious reason why we cherish the festival.

Foods that add traditional flavor to the festival of colors

Food has always been a metaphor for the smorgasbord of India’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage. Onam Sady is incomplete without theeyalEid automatically conjures up images of Sheer Khurma and Christmas is synonymous with the traditional dry fruit and liqueur pudding. For most Indians, Holi similarly is another excuse to binge on gujias, the low-sugar-low-oil DASH diet be dashed.

Here’s a guide to a more safer and colourful Holi!

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It’s that time of the year again! It’s Holi.  During this time we like to go all colourful, eat a lot of delicious food, paint each other red, green, blue and yellow and spread happiness amongst each other.

Bura kyon na maano Holi hai! #StopHoliganism

A very dark shade of black is tarnishing the festival of colors yet again, and it’s taken on a particularly vicious hue this festive season with the nightmarish semen-filled balloon incident going viral on the Internet as a precursor to Holi. This growing “sab kuch chalta hai” tendency in the garb of celebration is nothing but a particularly outrageous mix of blatant sexual harassment – the bane of our times – and the inexplicable inertia of the regulatory mechanism.

Here’s how the festival of colours is celebrated in different parts of the country

It’s that time of the year again where in everyone is seen with colour and laughter on their faces, such is the festival of Holi.

Even though it is a joyous occasion for everyone in the country, but the celebration varies.

Time to redefine Holi in the context of our present social scenario

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Holi is a festival of colour, gaiety and merriment. People all over the country celebrate Holi with full enthusiasm and vigour. After all, this is the day when people forget the difference of caste, colour, creed, rank and come out with open arms to mingle and enjoy love and warmth of relationships.

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