A hanging tent off a cliff! now a reality for the adventure seekers in Maharashtra

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A hanging tent off a cliff! now a reality for the adventure seekers in Maharashtra

Adventure sports have become the latest trend in the itinerary of vacation planners. Out of the box ideas, adrenaline rush, fast paced activities and non-touristy tours are the kind of things people are now wanting to indulge in.

Keeping this trend in mind, a new type of trekking option has come to the forefront. A trek up the range of the Sahyadri mountains and then dropping down to a tent that hovers mid-air! Exciting and absolutely jaw dropping.

This is the latest adventure concept called Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent trek, near Nashik, just three hours from Mumbai.
Situated near Bhandardara in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district, this 300ft deep-cut valley is perhaps India’s most extreme campsite, where you can go ‘cliff camping’ for a few hours.

How does a cliff camp work?
In simple words – its hanging mid-air! In a tent of course. The hanging tent called the portaledge, has an aluminium frame with a sturdy base that can hold the combined weight of two people in the air. These tents are fastened to a large rock using a special rope that can take up to 600kg. You will be safely harnessed to a rope with carabiners at all times, even while inside. There is also one primary safety cable that connects as many as three tents together.

The Sandhan Valley Hanging Tent experience
Sandhan Valley’s hanging tent trek organisers follow a similar routine. You alight at Kasara railway station and head to Samrad village in Ahmednagar, which is the base camp for the trek. For the hanging tent experience, your guides will kit you out in the appropriate gear – helmets, harnesses, knee-caps, elbow guards, the works–before slowly using a rope ladder to lower you into the tent that can hold two people at a time.
Groups can spend an hour inside the tent before being roped back up. It sure makes for a great photo op! Finish up with a round of rappelling or an exhilarating valley crossing activity.

For the spirited souls – this is the destination to definitely head out to!


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