PM Narendra Modi receives Jordanian King Abdullah II at the airport

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday breaks the protocol and receives King Abdullah of Jordan at Delhi airport who is on a three-day visit to New Delhi. Both counterparts are expected to expand ties in a wide range of key areas including defence and security.

King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, a 41st generation direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad, is popular for his global initiative to fight radicalisation and terrorism.

Jordanian King is also the custodian of the Al-Aqsa mosque, among the holiest Islamic sites, located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

On account of the Jordanian king’s visit, a special address on Islamic heritage and promoting moderation will be a major highlight.

Though both countries are working to have diplomatic relations to enhance their countries economic standards and fight global threat of radicalisation and terrorism, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eight-day visit to India was largely ignored by PM Modi.

Trudeau, who the world’s most loved poster boy, haven’t received a warm welcome from PM Modi. Both leaders have not met until last day during the diplomatic visit and social media is not going berserk with his menu and itinerary.

This is also one of the rare occasions when the Heads are meeting towards the end of the stay. Would a first-day meeting have set a better course of events that were to follow? Or Was it PM Modi’s political mistake?


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