Holi hooliganism: LSR women hit by semen-filled balloons in Delhi

Holi hooliganism: LSR women hit by semen-filled balloons in Delhi

Holi might be widely celebrated as the festival of colours nationwide, but for many women, it is a nightmare turned into reality every year. This year, this nightmare seems to have come early for students of Lady Sri Ram College of Delhi University.

Students of the college took to social media to share how they were hit with balloons filled with semen. Taking the ‘bura na maano, Holi hai’phrase on its face value, this is probably not the first time somebody has been at the receiving end of hooliganism and sexual harassment under the facade of “celebrations”.

The women’s posts — now viral on the Internet as screenshots — are narrations of how without an inkling of shame the perpetrators flung the balloons at them. There is a general sense of disbelief and horror on social media, as people reacted furiously to what has happened.

Here is what the Student Union said to it:

Is this what is feminism and equality? The fear of roaming around the streets freely for women is increasing by each passing day.

These incidents are another cruel reminder of how women are not spared anywhere.

What is also disturbing is this. Not only do they become victims to these abuses, they have to bear the brunt of losing their freedom too, on festivals like Holi.

In the past, hostel authorities around Delhi have passed arbitrary rules on not letting women outside the hostel during Holi.


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