Here’s a guide to a more safer and colourful Holi!

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It’s that time of the year again! It’s Holi.  During this time we like to go all colourful, eat a lot of delicious food, paint each other red, green, blue and yellow and spread happiness amongst each other.

But just when you are completely soaked in Holi colours and fully enjoying your time with family and friends, a little inattentive can cause serious troubles.

Keep a homemade scrub ready!

Once you go outside the house, you cannot really tell people to be nice to you and not make your face green, blue or orange. So if you know that all shades will be splashed on you when go to the Holi party, just keep a home-scrub ready before you leave so that when you come back you can quickly scrub the sticky colours off and then take a shower. You can easily make a scrub at home by using sandalwood oil, orange peel, almond powder, milk and water.

Choose soft colours!

The brightness and shades of colour are also important in terms of the kind of impact they will have on your skin. So, choose the yellows, oranges and reads over gaudy blues, purples and greens!

Grease yourself well!

This is perhaps the oldest, safest and the easiest trick to save your skin from the rashes caused by those stubborn colours that people will apply on your face. So, before stepping out of your home apply lots of moisturiser or coconut oil on your skin and scalp and also paint your nails applying a thick coat to keep them protected.

Cover your hair

Imagine you go out to play Holi and request people around you to not pour much colour on you and they suddenly open a packet of a gaudy purple colour and just pour it on your head so that it sticks to your scalp and just come off easily. Not a pretty good thing right! So just cover your head well with either a skull cap or a hat or a shower cap before you step out of your home.

Wear the dark shades!

For Holi, it’s always better to wear the blacks and blues as they don’t absorb much colour. So take your tattered pair of jeans and that black loose T and you are ready to go out on Holi.

On festivals like Holi, it is very important for all the parents to not keep their children unattended because kids when they are left alone, might put themselves in serious pickles. Stories like a teenager fell off the balcony while throwing water balloons at others or a kid swallowed a water balloon himself are doing the rounds in the social media.

Say no to those cantankerous hard colours:

While playing colours is fun, peeling your skin off in order to remove those sticky colours is surely a terrible thing. So, ditch those bad, adulterated hard colours and bring herbal colours home. If you don’t want to buy them, you can make herbal gulals even at home using orange peel powder, arrowroot powder and marigold flowers. These colours will not just be nice on your skin, their aroma is also worth dying for.

While it is superbly adventurous to enjoy the festival and do things differently every year, it is also advisable to keep the children and adventure far away from each other.

So folks, play Holi, splash colours, share happiness, but just be SAFE!



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