‘Bhabhi is no more’, Boney Kapoor told Amar Singh in the post-midnight call

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'Bhabhi is no more', Boney Kapoor told Amar Singh in the post-midnight call

New Delhi: In a post-midnight call, Boney Kapoor called Amar Singh to inform that Sridevi is no more.

The voice on the other end was breathless. “Bhabhi is no more”, Boney Kapoor’s voice was hoarse.

Amar Singh told the NewsMobile Partner Republic that in the first phone calls Boney had made to tell friends and family that Sridevi was dead, politician Amar Singh – was the one on Boney’s speed dial list.

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Republic has learnt through Kapoor family insiders that the call was made a little after midnight, in the very very early hours of Sunday morning. 12.40am IST to be precise.

Boney Kapoor had been repeatedly trying to call Amar Singh on his mobile, but Amar Singh who had put his phone on silent was not picking up the phone.

Finally, Boney Kapoor called Amar Singh at 12.40am IST on his landline number in New Delhi.

“Bhabhi is no more, he told me” said Amar Singh, speaking to NewsMobile partner Republic TV about the late night call. “I think Boney made the first call to me that night.”

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When asked what else transpired in that phone call, Amar Singh said “There was no scope to talk further at all. That was the kind of situation it was.”

Interestingly, Boney Kapoor and Amar Singh had both been to Lucknow a day earlier. The event was the UP Investor’s Summit, which was organised by UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

“I came back and boycotted the investors summit because they insulted me by giving me no seat or making any arrangements” said Amar Singh, adding that “Boney went back to Dubai to be with Sridevi”

“It’s a terrible situation. I have no words to express what I feel. One day we were all together dancing at a wedding and now this news comes in.” Amar Singh added, “Sridevi was doing very well. Their films were doing very well. They had no loans and had cleared all their outstandings. What has happened is just tragic.”

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