The magic of Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival

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The magic of Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival

The ongoing Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival is celebrating its 16th anniversary this year.

The shows bring to stage the sheer beauty of puppets. The festival started on February 20 at India Habitat Centre and will end on February 27.

The performers were from Tunisia, Singapore, Thailand and Argentina, who will mesmerise audiences with their performances. “The journey has been positive and the festival has now spread over the world. Global artists are participating and we always select something different”, said Dadi D Pudumjee, founder of The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust.

Since 2001, the Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust has supported and nurtured the annual Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival. From its humble beginnings, it has grown into the country’s leading established platform for Indian and international puppetry.

Here is what is happening all around the world-

Where Has My Nani Gone?

Performed By: Dadi D. Pudumjee & The Ishara Puppet Theater Group
Direction & Design: Dadi D. Pudumjee
Language: Musical, English And Hindi
Medium: Puppets, Objects, Actors
Duration: 45 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Based On Chatura Rao’s Award Winning Children’s Book ‘gone Grandmother’, Ishara’s Colorful Puppets & Actors Weave A Dreams cape Of Sensitive Eloquence, In This Touching Inter-generational Family Story.  A Profound Parable Of Love & Loss, A Little Girl Taking Care Of Her Mother, Wonders Where Her Nani (Grandmother) Has Gone. Her Imagination Takes Flight, As The Little Girl Remembers Her Nani & Tries To Comfort Herself That Everything Will Be Fine. A Performance That Is Sure To Wow Audiences – As We Learn About The Innocence Of Childhood & The Inexorable Interdependence Of Joy & Sorrow, Life & Death.

Argentina / Chile
A Button In My Head

Performed By: Arriba Las Hu! Manos
Direction & Puppeteers: Enrique Crohare & Laura Mac Laughlin
Language: Musical, English
Medium: Puppets, Objects, Actors
Duration: 45 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

In This Mesmerizing & Inspirational Tale, Little Clott Tries To Tackle Life’s Most Daunting Challenge – Fitting In With Society. He’s Got A Big Ugly Red Button On His Head, & His Sister Juana & Best Friend Luchito Make Sure To Remind Him Of It, While Making Fun Of Him Every Day. There’s Also The Wicked Green Hand Who Will Do Anything For Clot To Unbutton His Button; But If He Does, His Head Will Split Wide Open! Be Prepared For Smiles & Tears, As You’ll Discover How To Be Happy With What Life Has Given You.

Hanging By A Thread

Performed By: Di Filippo Marionette
Direction & Puppeteers: Remo Di Filippo & Rhoda López
Language: Musical, English
Medium: String Puppets, Marionettes
Duration:  Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Get Ready To Be Dazzled And Gobsmacked By A Range Of Kooky And Loveable Characters In This Show – From A Moustachioed Cyclist To A Crazy Musical Star To Daredevil Circus Acrobats! A Poignant Medley Of Foot Tapping Sketches – It’s An Extraordinary & Unique Visual Spectacle With Both The Marionettes & Marionettes Appearing On Stage Together. Watch In Amazement As They Gracefully Move In Harmony, & Bring To Life Heartfelt Messages Regarding The Value Of Love, As Well Its Universality And Timelessness. A Evocative Performance That Will Entertain & Captivate Children & Adults Alike.

Dust Circus (Circo Poiera)

Performed & Directed By: Caio Stolai
Language: Musical, Non Verbal
Medium: Puppets, Objects, Actor
Duration: 60 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Be Amazed And Mystified As Ambidextrous Puppeteer Caio Stolai Brings To Life An Entire Circus In This One Man Virtuosic Show! Full Of Humor & Rich Humanity, An Old Circus Master Relives His Memories Of The Greatest Show On Earth With The Audience. With Spectacular Music & Theatrics – There’s Tambourine Playing, Fire Jumping, Fire Eating, Dancing Ballerinas, Majestic Elephants & An Endless Array Of Colorful Characters. The Show Mixes Modern Puppetry With The Traditional Brazilian Martial Art Form Of Capoeira To Great Effect. It’s A Circus Performance You Will Never Forget!


Performed By: National Center  Of Puppet Art Tunisia
Directed By: Mehwachi Lasaad
Language:  Musical, Non Verbal
Medium: Puppets, Objects
Duration: 40 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Our Hero Is A Talented Artist Who Defies All The Rules & Leaves His Home To Discover The World. As He Follows His Heart, He Finds Not Only His True Calling But Also His True Love. As His Ambition Grows, He Seems To Have No Time To Meet His Beautiful Daughter & Family. Full Of Humor & Rich Humanity, This Philosophical Musical Adventure Asks The Age Old Question – How Far Would You Go To Get What You Want? Discover The Meaning Of Fatherhood & All Its Complexities And Contradictions.

The Magic Lantern

Performed By: Paper Monkey Theater
Directed By: Benjamin Ho
Language: Musical, English (With Some Songs In Mandarin)
Medium: Rod & Hand Puppets, Actors
Duration: 45 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Based On The Famous Traditional Chinese Folktale, Audiences Are Transported To A Spellbinding World Of Magic & Mystery. It’s The Remarkable Tale Of Little Chen, Born From A Forbidden Marriage Between A Heavenly Goddess And A Mortal. The Mighty Er Lang Shen Disapproves Of This Union & Imprisons Chen’s Mom Beneath A Dangerous Mountain. Chen Must Overcome All Manner Of Evil Obstacles & Unbeatable Odds, To Save His Mother From Doom, & Reunite His Family. Will He Do It In Time? Like Chen, Everyone Can Find The Superhero Inside Themselves – You’ve Just Got To Know Where To Look.

The Miracle Of Thai Puppet

Performed By: Hunchanonforn Puppet Group
Directed By: Paskorn Sunthornmongkol
Language: Musical, Non Verbal
Medium: Rod & String Puppets, Actors
Duration: 45 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

Music, Dance, Rhymes, & Rhythms Blend Together With The Traditional & Modern Forms Of Thai Puppetry On Stage, With Homage To The Past, Present And Future. Audiences Of All Ages Will Appreciate This Big-hearted Musical With Plenty Of Visceral Treats & Sweet Delights. There Are Mischievous Puppets Galore – From Magic Dogs To Naughty Mermaids To Colorful Lady Birds – Who Will Take You To A Wonderful Land Full Of Singing & Dancing Friends! A Beautiful Poetic Performance About Love & Making One’s Dreams Coming True.

Me & Baba

Performed By: Moving Sutra Arts
Directed By: Shamsul Shams
Language: Musical, Non Verbal
Medium: Rod & String Puppets
Duration: 30 Minutes
Suitable: For All Ages

A Stray Dog Becomes Best Friends With An Old Man, & The Two Of Them Are Inseparable. The Old Man Loves His Dog Above All & Treats Him As His Child. One Day A Thief Tries To Rob The Old Man & Our Heroic Doggy Chases Him Away. But While Doing So The Poor Doggy Gets Lost, & Can’t Seem To Find His Way Back Home. Will The Two Friends Ever Reunite? Watch This Heart Warming Delightful Musical Tale Of Love, Loyalty, Hope, Trust & Bonding To Discover Why A Dog Is Truly Man’s Best Friend!

Over 150 international puppetry companies have performed at the festival, including groups from the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland and the US.

Location: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

When: February 20- 27




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