Here’s why one should avoid booking flight tickets during the festive season

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Here's why one should avoid booking flight tickets during the festive season

Days before the festival of colour, when one makes impromptu plans and doesn’t think much about the cost that it derives.

Being it a long weekend, most of us might come to the conclusion that let’s make it a trip and book air tickets. Rather, opt for a road trip or a train journey as it is more feasible and the companies aren’t earning money in that form.

According to a study by global search engine Skyscanner, flight prices from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru all see a drop two weeks prior to the festival period before sharply rising one week before departure.

Taking cue from the searches of travel from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to different destinations, travellers can save 20 per cent, 15 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, on flight fares. Also, travel from Delhi or Mumbai to other cities is actually cheaper than from Bengaluru.

So, it seems to be ideal for us to not make air journeys an option and to rather than making impromptu air journeys one should make road trips an option and it would also be a more enjoyable time.

Several resorts in the Country offer a special Holi discount and also give an option for a more enjoyable time within the premises so one should opt for that and focus on the part of enjoyment.



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