Here are five things that bother fliers the most

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When it comes to flying, every traveller knows that a quiet, comfortable flight is a myth. Fliers are accustomed to unruly children, chatty neighbours, and armrest hoggers turning a short flight into a long nightmare.

A recent survey conducted among fliers to gain an insight into what bother fliers the most has only confirmed what most fliers already knew. Even so, here’s a list of the five things fliers find infuriating on just about every flight.

  1. Overly Chatty Neighbour

    You board the early morning plane, settle into your seat, and prepare yourself for a short, secluded trip to your destination. Only thing is, your neighbour has other plans. While no one is averse to occasional small talk, the chatty neighbour decides to tell you about their entire life for the entire duration of the flight.

  2. Laid back Recliner


    Airplanes are cramped spaces with just enough room for a bearable flight. Some fliers, however, want a little bit more. These are the passengers who recline well into the personal spaces of their fellow passengers seated behind them.

  3. Noisy Kids


    Every flier can guarantee without error that their flight will have infants and children. Spotting an infant in the boarding queue is a sure sign that they will cry throughout the flight, filling the aircraft cabin, and every passenger’s ears, with the shrill sound of their wails.

    Even if there are no infants on the flight or your headphones block out their cries, there will always be that one hyperactive child behind you, whose restlessness will surely make you restless.

  4. The Disease Hub


    The pressurized cabins of aircraft are perfect breeding grounds for most viruses and bacteria. While you can protect yourself against them, how do you protect yourself against someone who doesn’t take the well-being of their fellow passengers. If there’s a person with a cold on the flight, you can be sure that you’ll be sick in the near future.

  5. The Overly Comfortable Sleeper


    Most fliers use the short flights to catch a quick nap to arrive refreshed at their destination. Some fliers, though, take this a bit too far. These are the passengers who lose control of their bodies as soon as they shut their eyelids. Be prepared to shrug off their sleepy heads from your shoulder for most of the flight.

SO Next time you’re flying, Remember not to do above mentioned things!!


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