Valentine’s day 2018: unique gifting options for your someone special

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Valentines day 2018: unique gifting options for your someone special

February aka the month of love has begun and so has our curiosity to choose the right gift for our someone special. Not that love is only restricted to one month of the year, but if there is a special day dedicated to it, why not make your loved one feel extra special?

So, we bring to you a list of things you could gift to your loved one, this Valentines day –

Redecorate your room or veranda personally 

Well, who knows your partners choice more than you yourself? Make the changes they’ve been asking you to do or redecorate it with your own personal touch. You have magic in yourself and once you make the final touches you shall see that for yourself. It might be in the form of fragrant candles or that set of chairs that your partner has been willing to buy since a while. Make them feel special as you very well know they are.

Spa dates

In the hectic schedule that we all lead a spa is necessary. You can opt for a couple’s spa or even go for the hot stone therapy, it will be relaxing as well as exciting for the couple to do it together. On this day of love, several spa companies do offer discounts and also several packages to choose from, so decide wisely.

Bring in the dinner at home

We all know that having a meal outside is quiet a task on celebratory days like these so get it packed and bring it home to have it comfortably as well. Or might as well be the chef of the day and prepare a full three course meal as your partner does deserve to be pampered well.

Adopt a pet

Begin your life together by adopting a pet. It could be the one that brings you both even more closer to each other and even the little one will get the love from you both. While some people keep considering to have a pet, this Valentines day make those plans come to action.

A dessert bonanza

Well, who doesn’t love cake or any dessert possible? Make it a special treat for your partner and offer choices so that they feel like a royal as they are one for you. You could order it well in advance and add a cup of cocoa with it and it would indeed be the dream date.

A collage of the time you spent together

A collage could be in any form, be it a frame or a diary, anything that you both have memories of together, or you would know that your partner would love it. It could be made from the scratch with all the memories in the form of pictures and words that only you can pen down beautifully.

Make this day as special as you can as by spending time with your loved one as sometimes we become so busy in our own lives that we forget to spend time with the ones that actually matter so make this day count.




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