At Disneyland Paris, age is just a number!

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Europe’s number one tourist destination, Disneyland Paris is all set to embrace the season of ‘La Familia’.

With over 320 million visitors since its opening in 1992, the Disney Park has something unique to offer to people of various age groups.

From shopping, restaurants, dancing, shows, a cinema and more, the most promised tourist destination has something for the whole family.

Here are some of the picks for all age groups:

• Dine at Annette’s Diner:

Jive on through the doors and park yourself in a booth for some ’50s Americana. It is rock ‘n’ roll, baby. Here, servers glide around on skates delivering classic American dishes, while good jukebox vibrations keep the joint bouncing. Wash it all down with a milkshake. To make sure all their guests have a magical stay, they offer a range of culinary options for those with food allergies or dietary requirements.

• ‘it’s a small world’: The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed:

Set sail on a whimsical world tour, as dolls from all over the globe sing and dance to the tune of ‘it’s a small world’. Sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a delightful musical boat tour hosted by the children of the world. From a colorful dock, climb aboard a cosy boat and set sail along the Seven Seaways Waterway on a 10-minute journey. Amid a vibrant, multi-coloured backdrop exquisitely crafted out of papier-mâche, glitter and fabric, behold a cast of almost 300 traditionally dressed dolls from nearly every corner of the globe sing a simple song in their native language about universal harmony and dance. Travel to all 7 continents and, by journey’s end, see for yourself that it truly is a small world after all.

• Disney Princesses: a Royal Invitation:

Feel like a fairytale princess by spending a memorable moment with a Disney princess in the most enchanting of surroundings.

• Shopping in Disney Village:

Make your shopping at Disney village: marvel at a truly magical shopping environment, where only the finest and most famous Disney fashions, furniture, costumes and jewellery wait up for you until midnight.

• Disney Village® Web Radio:

Tune into Disney Village’s Web Radio and you’ll find a whole host of hits, some magnificent music shows and all the latest news! Check out their restaurants’ playlists: Jazz in The Steakhouse, Rock ‘n’ Roll and 50s-style tracks at Annette’s Diner, Disney Classics in Cafe Mickey and Country and Rock over at Billy Bob’s! And at weekends, make sure you don’t miss their fantastic Club Mix: 6 whole hours of Dance, Pop, Electro and Disco tracks! The spotlight is turned on live music, too, as listeners can enjoy recordings of the numerous live concerts Billy Bob’s hosts every month! And last but not least there are the new pure lounge mixes that accompany their Afterwork nights!


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