India’s UN envoy displays wit, slays Twitter troll with humor

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India’s permanent envoy to the United Nations (UN), Sayed Akbaruddin is known for his wit and humor in the inner circles of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Today however, he decided to take on a troll on Twitter who called out against India’ stand on Pakistan being a terror haven on a post by the envoy.

The career diplomat shed the cloak of diplomacy to Tweet,

It all started with a recording of a speech that the envoy had put up on his Twitter handle that discussed cross-border violence that was disrupting peace in Afghanistan titled, Aqelmand ra eshara kafee ast – A sign is enough for the wise to understand.

The troll, who is obviously pro-Pakistan replied saying all terror havens are within Afghanistan and calling out the speech by the Indian diplomat as a lie,

It grabbed eyeballs all around and started trending on the micro-blogging site with people adding their smart inputs,

More than anything, the tweet was a refreshing twist of a diplomat’s tail and hit the bulls-eye as usual. Well said sir!

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