Kids startups to watch out for in 2018

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Kids startups to watch out for in 2018

A lot of new age startups are now providing products and solutions with the aim of making the tough journey of a parent a bit easier.

Parenting is considered as one of the most rewarding experiences, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it can be equally challenging.

But in the digital age, if there’s a problem, there’s usually a startup not far behind. And for the modern parent, there are startups offering everything from tips during pregnancy to apps to track your child at school.

Some of these startups aim to provide better coaching to your kid to develop their creative minds.

Here are some startups to look out for in 2018:


As the society has moved from joint families to nuclear, a big issue women face during pregnancy and early days of motherhood is the lack of information. A host of startups are trying to solve this issue and BabyChakra is probably the most prominent one in this space. BabyChakra runs a mobile app and a website where mothers/to be mothers come together and help each other out with answers to questions that concern them. While being a community where mothers help each other out, they host expert interactions as well to handle more nuanced inquires.

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Notesgen is a global peer-to-peer learning platform that features notes, study materials, question papers, case studies as well as projects for engineering, medical, law, commerce, management, CA, and CS alongside others. It currently offers more than 70,000 curated educative items of content uploaded in all popular file formats such as PDF, DOC, JPEG, PPT, and TXT. It has been very successful in offering students a collaborative educative environment with engaging features and a great degree of personalisation to learn and grow within. It has also recently launched its Notesgen mobile app that enables students to earn money as they upload content for others to use.


A series of discovery boxes for children aged 1-12 and carefully designed for Early Child Development. Every box comes with activities that will enable the child to create, play, explore and read about a particular theme while catering to more than 12 critical developmental areas. Typically parents subscribe to these boxes in 3, 6 or 12 month duration and the boxes are delivered to home. This segment focuses on engaging children meaningfully at home, away from gadgets and TV.


BYJU’s App offer training for preparation of different entrance and competitive examinations like CAT, JEE, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. It aims to discover a unique methodology for increasing the pace of learning among the students by bringing into account the concept of learning through engaging into videos and interactive activities for personalised tutoring.

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A growing child needs nutrition, as well as overall physical and mental development. Many times, with immense focus on a child’s education and related activities, fitness takes a backseat. HealthSetGo is a startup which currently works with 100+ schools providing in-depth health checkups for all students with an online tracker, where parents can monitor the physical well being of a child. HealthSetGo is helping parents and mothers in a big way by helping them raise healthy children.

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