Planning a holiday? check out this month wise travel guide for the perfect destination

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Planning a holiday? check out this month wise travel guide for the perfect destinations

There is never a dearth of destinations in this exotic world, yet most times, we fall short of locations. Too much choice also makes it tough. And even if finding the location isn’t the difficult part, we get pulled back because of hurdles like the kind of weather the location would have, would it be too crowded or is the place pocket friendly. Listed below is a month wise itinerary for the travel buffs.

Most of Europe this time is cold, hence locations best suited will be the warmer ones like islands. If snow is still your calling, then head to Europe for the slopes.
Best bets:
Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, Scotland, Norway, Australia, France, Switzerland, Austria, The West Indies and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, South Africa.
Indonesia, the Seychelles and Polynesia, Mauritius where it is still the rainy season.

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Being the valentine’s month, head to more dreamy locations like Paris, Burma or Northern Indian hill stations. If you are the adventurous kind, head to Nepal or South Africa.
Best bets:
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Africa, Egypt, South Africa, Hawaii
All locations which still have the rainy season in progression. This could be a huge dampener.

South Europe gets better now and Italy is the place to be in. The weather is a good mix of chill and the warm Sun. India is still good before the heat sets in. America and the warm Florida could be the big plan.
Best bets:
Italy, Asia, America, Cuba, Argentina, the Maldives
Africa. The rains would have set in and safaris may not be a good idea at all.

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It’s tulip season in Amsterdam. Europe becomes the hot calling April onwards and any country here could be a safe bet.
Best Bets:
Crete, Malta, Amsterdam, America, Turkey, the Philippines, Japan, Australia.
Majority of Asian countries are unpleasantly hot at this time.

Scotland is at its sunniest, Europe is also at its prime with Croatia, Hungary and Portugal leading tourist destinations. The Philippines and Bahamas are a paradise of sun, white sand and turquoise seas.
Best Bets:
Europe, China, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Mexico, Australia
Asia in general. Egypt starts to get hot. India and Sri Lanka enter their monsoon season.

Sweden, Norway and Finland promise warm days as they enter white nights, when the sun barely sets and it’s warm for hours. Ireland is at peak. The Greek islands, Brazil and Canada are lovely, weather wise too.
Best Bets:
Europe, Namibia, Brazil, The Caribbean, Canada, Cuba.
Watch out for heat waves that occur in various areas throughout the world, especially Central Africa and the Middle East at this time.


Head to Indonesia. Most southern countries would have moved out of the rain and typhoon season. The National Parks in America like Yosemite will be welcoming.
Best Bets:
Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, America
New York is hot and humid. Asia in general is to be avoided at this time as it is still the monsoon season.

You can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean coasts of Europe. Croatia is glorious and if you’re into music there’s a wealth of music festivals to choose from. Switzerland is a safe bet. South Africa, Peru and Tibet are great too.
Best Bets:
Europe, South Africa, Peru & Tibet
Asia and North America.

Europe starts to get cool again. Sea side countries are still warm though. Croatia, Peru are some ideas. Namibia for wildlife options is amazing. It’s a great time to visit China and Japan.
Best Bets:
Portugal, Croatia, Africa, America, China, Japan.
The Caribbean, Central America and some parts of Asia.

Africa, Egypt and South Africa experience pleasant climates at this time of year. Turkey, Cyprus and Venice will still be nice. Japan is amazing at this time of year with pleasant weather and gorgeous autumn foliage.
Best Bets:
India, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Egypt, South Africa, America, Argentina, Japan, Venice
Thailand will be in typhoon season. This is also the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Time for Thanksgiving in America, so for a proper cultural experience head to New York. Germany and Switzerland would have started their Christmas markets. Munich, Berlin are beautiful. But for sunshine head to Hawaii or Morocco.
Best Bets:
New Zealand, Hawaii, Germany, America, South America, Morocco, Hong Kong
Bermuda, where it will be cold and windy.

Skiing is at its peak. The Pyrenees in France/Spain and the Austrian, Swiss or Italian Alps are all good picks.
Best Bets:
Mexico, European skiing slopes, the Caribbean, Cambodia, Australia, Iceland.
Malaysia and all of Eastern Europe where the climate is severe.


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